Simplify WiFi network administration with Marvis

What influence do systems with artificial intelligence have in modern networks?

The number of mobile devices and Internet of Things (IOT) devices is increasing in companies' wireless networks. Due to the increased requirements, administration is becoming more and more complex and network administrators are faced with increasing additional workloads. For this reason, a modern WLAN network can now only be managed effectively using AI-controlled systems.
Intelligent systems (AI for short) can now independently detect anomalies and bottlenecks, sometimes even before they cause serious problems for the end user. They are able to decide for themselves which settings would contribute to improved stability and performance and provide the network administrator with appropriate recommendations for action.

Video article about the virtual network assistant “Marvis” (English)

Intelligent Cloud Architecture from Mist Systems

wirelessmaxx works with Mist Systems technology to build intelligent WLAN networks and provide the administrator with a reliable assistant in addition to clear monitoring, which makes the work significantly easier.

Mist Systems is part of Juniper Networks and is a pioneer of wireless AI-controlled networks. The system "Marvis" developed by Mist serves as a virtual network assistant for the administrator. Marvis not only simplifies network operations, but also independently develops solutions based on the collected and evaluated network data. The system not only independently identifies 1TP17problems in a network, but also partially repairs them automatically, without the direct intervention of an administrator.

All emerging Problemes are stored in detail in a knowledge database and possible causes of the Problemes are then identified on the basis of this data. This means that with the help of the system it is possible to view the network as a large organism and identify individual weak points without losing the overview.

Marvi's dashboard

The administrator can use a dashboard to find out about any changes or errors (anomaly detection). It is also possible to ask the system specific questions and thus obtain more detailed information on a desired topic. The integrated helpdesk uses the global knowledge base to find answers to questions about individual network participants. In this way, problems with wired or wireless devices can be quickly solved or avoided.

Benefits for companies through the use of Marvis

The automated error analysis and evaluation by Marvis makes the work easier for the administrator and saves every company time and money. More stable networks that react faster and more effectively to problems and bottlenecks also have a long-term impact on the satisfaction of end users. For further information and advice on the use of Marvis in your company, please contact wirelessmaxx.

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