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Imagine being able to enjoy a lightning-fast and stable Internet connection from anywhere in the world – in the middle of the sea, on the road in your RV or in the most remote areas. With wirelessmaxx This vision becomes reality! All you need is a clear view of the sky. Our advanced solutions offer you a fail-safe internet connection, supported by the latest technologies such as Starlink. Perfect for your business, adventure seekers, world travelers and anyone who doesn't want to go without fast and reliable internet on the go.

Discover the power of combining Starlink and Peplink.

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Creating the Next-Generation Sports Experience with Starlink and Peplink


Creating the Next-Generation Sports Experience with Starlink and Peplink

Starlink Germany


Seamless navigation and communication, improves fishing yield through precise location determination, enables remote data transmission and secures critical infrastructure while supporting IoT applications.

Internet at sea


Collect and analyze IoT data in real time to detect 1TP17problems and make informed decisions.

Starlink for agriculture

Industrial Connectivity

Get ready for fail-safe deployment in Industry 4.0 with STARLINK & Peplink SD-WAN with SpeedFusion!

Emergency services

With Starlink for emergency responders: Effective coordination and access to information, even in crisis areas.

Starlink for emergency services


Starlink in construction: Efficient management, rapid data sharing and location-independent collaboration made easy.

Starlink in construction

Retail and hospitality

Starlink optimizes retail & hospitality: easy POS and back-office integration, cloud and WiFi for customers.

  • High-speed Internet for your business
    Starlink for Business
  • Navigate the web while exploring the seas
    Internet at sea
  • Networking that serves: High-performance Internet for government agencies
    Disaster management
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