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Are you currently affected by the floods?

We offer immediate assistance to authorities and companies. Starlink enables fast and reliable Internet connections, even in crisis areas. Contact us now and receive immediate support.

Flooding in Lübeck. We are helping immediately with Starlink.

Frequently asked questions and resources

  • What is the difference between the Flat High Performance and Standard antennas?

    The Flat High Performance Antenna is currently the only Starlink designed for use in motion. Benefits beyond the standard include:

    • Better satellite visibility. Your Starlink needs a clear view of the sky so it can stay connected to satellites as they move across the sky. Flat High Performance has the largest field of view, covering 35 % more sky, and improved GPS capabilities to connect to more satellites and better serve mobile users.
    • Better performance on boats: Flat High Performance provides the best network experience and more uptime through a larger field of view, so that the connection to passing satellites can be maintained even when the boat rolls or rocks on the water. (Note: The Standard kit is limited to stationary use)
    • Durable Montage for your vehicle. A wedge mount provides an 8 degree tilt of the Montage to facilitate water drainage. Comes standard with an integrated stand.
    • Improved weather resistance. Flat High Performance has an IP56 rating, meaning it is jet-proof. Standard has an IP54 rating, meaning it is splash-proof.
    • Better performance in hot weather. Download speeds are typically 3 times better at > 35° C (95° F).
    • Better snow performance: 1.7 times better snow melting ability (inches/hour).
  • Can I use Starlink while moving?

    Starlink offers special Mobile Priority service plans designed for use on moving objects such as boats, RVs, emergency vehicles and at sea. These plans provide access to the Flat High Performance Starlink network. Flat High Performance Antenna necessary.

  • Is Starlink weather resistant?

    Starlink is designed to withstand difficult weather conditions – it can melt snow and withstand sleet, heavy rain and strong storms.

  • How fast is Starlink?

    • 40–220+ Mbps download
    • 8–25+ Mbps upload
    • 20–60 ms latency
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