very high WLAN performance at the NFL season opener

Everest Networks announced that the Philadelphia Eagles’ home opener at NFL Stadium Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday, September 12, 2018, saw record-breaking Wi-Fi usage for a non-championship sporting event.

At a sold-out Lincoln Financial Field stadium, the Wi-Fi network provided Internet access to more than 47,000 attendees, equivalent to 68% of the total number of attendees, and carried more than 10.8 TB of wireless traffic. At a maximum load of 54%, a peak of nearly 37,000 concurrent connections was observed, with Wi-Fi network traffic briefly overwhelming the 10 Gbps stadium backbone connection under peak load.

WLAN performance significantly improved

After the impressive WiFi performance at the NFC Championships game on January 21, 2018 (8.76 TB), the WiFi Experts team prepared for a lot of WiFi network traffic with the start of the NFL season, but the end result was surprising.

“The performance of Lincoln Financial Field’s new WiFi installation has been significantly improved thanks to Everest Networks’ unique wireless technology,” said John Pawling, Philadelphia Eagles Vice President of Information Technology.

“On game night, when we expected a very high WiFi load, the WIFI network handled the traffic without any problems and performed very well. Thanks to Everest's high-mounted Multi Radio APs, we were ultimately able to deploy the 5Ghz WIFI with fewer APs than would have been possible with conventional wireless Products from the predecessor. This has proven to be a successful formula.”

Everest Networks' WLAN network, specially developed for stadiums and event locations, offers excellent performance, as only 200 Multi Radio Access Points are ultimately installed.

Almost all antennas supply the stands and the stadium interior precisely from above and NOT from the seats like other competitors. This ensures that a powerful and reliable FAN EXPERIENCE is guaranteed even during temporary renovations or at live events where there are a lot of fans inside.

Lincoln Financial Field's performance demonstrates Everest Networks' ability to deliver world-class Wi-Fi in the most challenging, high-density environments.

Thus, the WLAN solution from Everest Networks currently offers by far the best price-performance ratio for stadium operators

With innovative APs, including (5G) carrier offloading and intelligent load and network balancing algorithms, the stadium WiFi achieves higher standards. And with fewer APs than otherwise thought possible, this solution has once again achieved superior performance at a significantly lower cost.

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