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New Year's Eve effect in stadiums

#sportsvenues, #stadion world, wifi in the stadium no wifi reception as soon as the number of participants increases dramatically, the network is overloaded.

What is the "New Year's Eve Effect"?

When many people try to access the Internet on their cell phones at the same time but cannot get a connection, this is called the “New Year's Eve effect”. The networks are overloaded because the number of participants has increased suddenly from one moment to the next. And something as seemingly simple and small as a New Year's greeting can lead to overload.

But such a “New Year’s Eve effect” can not only occur on New Year’s Eve. Especially in stadiums where large crowds of people use the same network together, overloads can occur very quickly and repeatedly.

If the network suddenly collapses

Even if WiFi is offered in a stadium, this does not mean that this network can withstand all loads and is consistently stable and reliable!

Sometimes the performance is no longer enough:
because WiFi is not the same High performance WiFi!

What does this mean for the organizer?

Organizers who want to offer free WiFi for their fans on a permanent and stable basis need forward-looking planning. You have to consider whether a permanent installation or a temporary solution is more worthwhile for your stadium. It must be determined whether significantly higher WiFi performance is only required on certain event days or in general. If stadiums are also used beyond larger event dates, a permanent installation can be significantly more profitable.

We install high-performance WiFi without the New Year's Eve effect

At second glance, this topic is much more difficult and requires experience that most stadiums or other organizers of large events do not have. For this reason, it is advisable to look for a reliable partner who has this experience and can provide competent support on this topic

We are consultants and service providers for WLAN installations and will be happy to help you design your suitable solution. Regardless of whether it is a complete installation or just the consulting service:
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