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Interview with Robert Peter, CEO of WiFi Rockstars, which specializes in WiFi for large events.

Why WiFi at festivals? When a large crowd gathers for a festival and shares their experience over the mobile network, it is often overloaded. We observed this phenomenon increasingly at events. The 1TP17 problem is recognized by the industry but not everyone reacts. Smartphones as mobile all-rounders open up a new dimension that enables interaction between the event, the location and the viewer. Event organizers are faced with the challenge of presenting themselves as an omnipresent world of experiences. There is therefore no way around temporary WLAN hotspots. STAGE REPORT: What can WiFi Rockstars do or what is the company's direction? Robert Peter: The WIFI ROCKSTARS are one of the leading service providers for temporary WiFi hotspots for events in Germany. We have the technical know-how and infrastructure to implement flexible, temporary WLAN solutions of any size. STAGE REPORT: In which situations is the company booked or when is the company used? Robert Peter: Marketing managers from companies such as BMW, Sony, Becks or Red Bull try to identify the changing drivers for a festival visit and constantly optimize strategies in order to address their target group, emotionalize them and achieve the set goals. What makes a high-quality live event is, above all, the atmosphere. From our point of view, all parties are striving to create an infrastructure that has a high level of service, aesthetics and quality. Satisfying customer needs is our top priority. Therefore, we act holistically with a focus on the customer. Our WiFi is therefore the infrastructure for companies for marketing activities such as Promotions, free live stream or simple connectivity to the Internet. We see ourselves as part of the service value chain where we try to achieve our customer's goals. STAGE REPORT: What kind of areas are usually networked? Robert Peter: As a rule, we are very flexible here. As a general rule, you can say that everything is possible, which is of course regulated by the price. #rir15 rock im Revier free wifi connectingfans # goes steep Veltins Schalke Arena construction Many kilometers of cable were laid for the multi-day rock festival Rock im Revier.

STAGE REPORT: Example Rock im Revier 2015 – what did the service portfolio look like?

Robert Peter: A completely temporary, very powerful WIFI network including infrastructure for various areas (festival office, Production, passport office, etc.) around the arena was installed. At such a monumental festival, special attention is paid to security monitoring. Sophisticated and high-quality camera technology was used in the WLAN. The cameras were connected via Wi-Fi in order to bundle all images onto a computer or send them to an external monitoring center. In addition, we used fiber optics over long stretches and made the installation completely weatherproof. Stable WiFi was also booked backstage for the artists and management. The changing rooms of FC Schalke 04 and their guest cabins for the backstage and VIP areas were converted and adapted accordingly to ensure a stay suitable for world stars. We are a bit proud that top international acts such as Metallica, Muse, KISS, Faith No More and Limp Bizkit used “our” WiFi.

STAGE REPORT: What technology is used (what kind of arrays are used) and what can it achieve?.

Robert Peter: We want to offer our customers maximum performance. That's why we only use high-performance WIFI arrays from the enterprise environment. This includes the best possible coverage, unbeatable reliability, and sufficient bandwidth even with a large number of simultaneous devices.

STAGE REPORT: Are there technical limitations?

Robert Peter: We are able to flexibly network almost any location of the customer in a highly specialized manner. Regardless of whether customers are holding an event at a lake, in industrial halls or on a meadow in the countryside. The limiting factor is the internet connection, but even in places where there is no internet connection, we can provide a solution.

STAGE REPORT: Does cabling effort play a role in the installation work for 1TP17 projects like Rock im Revier?

Robert Peter: 100% yes! For Rock im Revier, several kilometers of cable were laid in and around the Veltins Arena.

STAGE REPORT: We're staying in Rock's territory - how long in advance does WiFi Rockstars need to plan and set up such a temporary infrastructure?

 Robert Peter: The more lead time the better. It took exactly ten days from request to implementation, which is impressive given the size.

STAGE REPORT: What about services such as permanent support for WiFi installation for music festivals?

Robert Peter: Fast action and consistent support are important, as the respective management usually has various special requests that need to be implemented at short notice. This even included renovation work just before the performance.

STAGE REPORT: Where does the company operate (regionally, Germany, Europe)?

Robert Peter: We operate across Europe. The core regions are Germany, Austria and Switzerland. #rir15 rock im revier free wifi connectingfans # goes steep veltins schalke arena kiss A wireless network for the entire backstage area including the artists was implemented.

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