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Why think about WiFi again now?

Schools must now use the opportunities offered by the DigitalPakt School and invest in high-performance WiFi

Due to the Corona crisis, the deficits of digital sleepiness became very obvious.

The federal government has just made a further 500 million available for devices such as tablets or notebooks for students. A shift model that involves alternating between being present at school and working from home on a weekly basis also brings new challenges.
But what happens to the newly purchased devices when normal or shift-based lessons start again at school? At the few schools that have already installed a makeshift WLAN that works to some extent, overworked teachers will find themselves in the following scenarios:
"While 6c is trying to do some internet research and 9b is working on a shared Google document, 25 computers and tablets are running learning videos on 7a's substitution lesson, bringing the entire WiFi system to its knees. In the end, nothing and everything works are frustrated. The students and especially the teachers."

Learn from mistakes, use the time, the resources are available.

The teachers in charge know all of this. The topic of WLAN in particular is taken lightly by many people, as it often proves to be difficult to administer in daily practice. In the current Corona crisis, this is even more serious, as there is no time available anyway and nerves are on edge. What happens to the newly purchased tablets and notebooks from the additional immediate subsidy?

Especially now, as the pressure on schools is increasing, they run the risk of accepting seemingly cheap offers too quickly. However, cheap and fast are dangerous, especially when it comes to WiFi:

We are currently noticing an increasing number of offers that offer WLAN hardware specifically for schools and education, where it is stated, for example, that it is not necessary to rely on detailed WLAN planning. A few access points are simply connected to the existing network within a few minutes. “The more the better, in order to have good coverage,” is the full promise. Automatic channel adjustment and mutual adjustment of the transmission power are not a miracle cure in WLAN. Although these features are part of the offering of almost every current WLAN manufacturer, they are only part of a complex concept for a permanently reliable and, above all, secure WLAN environment. In order for the DigitalPakt School funding program to gain momentum and fulfill its purpose when schools reopen, it needs professional support, especially with the topic of WiFi, which has been prioritized for current reasons.

Schools need conscientious and professional WiFi planning from experienced WiFi experts right from the start.

We are aware of the requirements for stability and flexibility of WLAN networks and that is why we help you with the conception and construction right from the start. Together with you, we will overview the entire WLAN issue up to functional operation over the coming years. So that exactly this scenario doesn't happen again... You know, the one with the awkward internet research, the jerky learning videos and the live streams that break off during class. 🙂

We are also available to help you with very important topics such as WLAN security and simple administration during ongoing operations. Our WLAN concept is based on the latest technical standards and differs fundamentally from commercially available WLAN controller solutions in order to keep ongoing administration costs low. Our knowledge and expertise is based on decades of experience in the areas of education, logistics, industry, sports and events.

That's why we offer help and support. An initial consultation on the topic of WiFi for schools and education is free of charge for all interested teachers and educational institutions.

You can find out more about WiFi in schools and education and the corresponding contact form at:

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