What benefits do organizers have from free WiFi?...

Why should organizers offer free WiFi for their fans?

Benefits of free Wi-Fi – what opportunities do the organizers have and what do the fans get out of it?

Since the smartphone has now become an everyday companion, many event visitors naturally always have their cell phone with them. Every visitor also uses it, especially when free WiFi is available. For this reason, the call for free WiFi is getting louder - free WiFi is in great demand in stadiums, concerts, conferences and other larger events.

But what’s actually behind the WiFi hype? And why should organizers follow suit and make free WiFi available to their visitors? We summarize the advantages for you:

Image gain

With a fixed Wi-Fi installation, organizers can achieve a long-term image improvement compared to the competition and make themselves more popular with their fans, as in this way they offer them added value to the live event.


The infotainment Programs can be used regularly and easily by fans because they easily have access to information, media offerings and much other content that they would not have without WiFi.

There are numerous possible interaction options for fans:

  • Live statistics
  • Access to different camera settings, image repetition
  • Live polls and voting tools
  • Tips, winnings or other mini-games
  • Community building through communication with other fans (chats, forums, etc.)

Analysis tools

User behavior can also be recorded and analyzed via WiFi. In this way, long-term targeted changes and offers can be defined that are specifically tailored to event visitors.


Links to sponsors and clubs are easier to create and enable visitors to be offered exclusive material. Information is more easily accessible for fans and can also be distributed much more quickly via apps, YouTube and other social networks.

“WLAN offers significant added value”

  • Recording of live statistics of usage behavior
  • Individual offers based on information about fans' interests and preferences
  • Greater marketing reach
  • Dialogue marketing
  • Improved sponsor placement
  • Stronger fan loyalty
  • User generated content
  • New ways to generate sales

“WiFi is our work”

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