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The world's most advanced broadband satellite internet

Starlink Business provides businesses with a reliable and secure connection to the cloud with minimal delay. This connection allows companies to access critical data, applications and services even during times of natural disasters or other catastrophic events.

By using Starlink Companies can ensure that their business operations can continue even if traditional communications infrastructure is compromised. The low-latency connection ensures fast and efficient transmission of information, improving responsiveness and operations in crisis situations. Starlink Business thus provides a robust solution to ensure business continuity and minimize potential downtime in emergency situations.

we support your company as a link to Starlink

Seamless Starlink integration with us as a reliable peplink partner

Our team is at your disposal to help you choose and set up one tailor-made Starlink solution for your company to help. We understand the needs and challenges businesses face in ensuring a reliable internet connection, and we know how Starlink can help address these challenges.

* We support companies and public institutions in the selection and commissioning of Starlink business products from spaceX. There are currently no official Starlink partners from SpaceX in Germany.

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