Premium Performance Outdoor MultiGigabit WiFi 802.11ax Access Point with Adaptive Bluetooth Low Energy Array for Advanced Location based services, with built in Internal Antenna – outside US only; Outdoor Mounting Kit is included;


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Manufacturer Juniper CRAP

MIST Juniper AP63 Accesspoint WIFI6 BLE IoT Outdoor

Access Points der Serie Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP63 garantieren hochleistungsfähiges WLAN, das Geschäftskontinuität im gesamten Unternehmen und Betriebseffizienz im Außenbereich gewährleistet. Die widerstandsfähigen und wetterbeständigen Access Points eignen sich auch für raue Außenumgebungen, wo die erwarteten SLE erreicht und einzigartige Benutzererfahrungen geliefert werden.

Die Serie AP63 mit patentiertem Juniper Mist KI für AX-Funktionen und dynamischer Virtual Bluetooth® LE (vBLE)-Antennengruppe automatisiert Netzwerkabläufe und verbessert die WLAN-Leistung. Zudem werden Erkenntnisse über das Netzwerk und Standortservices, einschließlich Benutzer-EngagementAsset-Standort and Contact Tracing-Apps, in Echtzeit bereitgestellt. Dies wird erzielt, ohne dafür auf batteriebetriebene BLE-Beacons und manuelle Kalibrierung zurückgreifen zu müssen.

Verwaltet durch die Juniper Mist Cloud-Architektur, ist die AP63-Serie für den Außenbereich die perfekte Lösung für die Umgebung vor zugehörigen Geschäften, Unternehmens-Campus, öffentliche Veranstaltungsorte, Freiluftstadien und Industriestandorte.

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Juniper Mist Cloud-Services, die auf dem AP63 ausgeführt werden: Wi-Fi AssurancePremium analyticsVirtual network assistant Marvis, Benutzer-Engagement und Asset-Sichtbarkeit.

Smart WiFi with predictable WIFI 6 performance

Mist Learning WLAN uses machine learning and neural networks to simplify operations, facilitate troubleshooting, and provide unprecedented insight into the wireless user experience. But we're on the cusp of unlocking its true potential: with the promise of a true Wi-Fi virtual assistant that can proactively identify and fix problems and predict future events quickly and reliably. How are you taking advantage of AI for Wi-Fi today, and what steps should you take to be ready for new trends?

Digital transformation with network insights

The Juniper Wireless Assurance service includes simple analytics for up to 30 days of data. This simplifies the extraction of network insights from enterprise-wide distributed data and analytics.

Determination of causes with one click

The causes of problems that arise can be identified and resolved using the Proactive Analytics and Correlation Engine (PACE).

Mist has truly innovated in wireless networking with the world's first AI-powered Wi-Fi. The Mist Learning WLAN makes WLAN systems predictable, reliable and measurable. At the same time, it offers unique insights into the user experience. Time-consuming manual IT tasks are replaced with AI-driven proactive automation and self-healing. This significantly reduces the time and costs for WLAN operation. Mist also connects enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE, and IoT to enable organizations to increase the value of their wireless networks through personalized location services, including wayfinding, location-specific notifications, and asset location. Mist's patented Virtual BLE technology (vBLE) eliminates the need for battery-powered beacons and manual calibrations. All operations are managed via Mist's open and programmable microservices cloud architecture. This offers maximum scalability and performance while maintaining DevOps agility for wireless network and location services.


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