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Designed for use on the move and demanding environments. With a wide field of view and advanced GPS capabilities, this Starlink can connect to more satellites, enabling consistent connectivity on the move. The hardware is designed for permanent installation and more resilient to extreme environments. This is currently the only dish designed for use on the move in the approved countries.

CONNECTIVITY ON THE GO starlink High performance antenna wirelessmaxx authorized reseller partner
  • High speed, low latency Work in real time

    Starlink business users can expect fiber-like performance with download speeds of up to 220 Mbps. Collaborate in real-time with colleagues around the world in seamless video conferencing and download large files without the long wait times associated with traditional satellite solutions.

    With latency as low as 25 – 60 ms, it can be used as a backhaul for IoT applications including security systems, sensors, robotics, wearable technology and autonomous machines.

    starlink business reseller Germany Europe for companies and authorities

the alternative to fiber optic connection within 24 hours

original hardware and tariffs without stress for B2B

STARLINK hardware from the only officially authorized STARLINK business reseller in Germany. Service rates including service & support

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