Balance SDX Pro M2


Multi-WAN router (Basic version)
Designed for Enterprise/Datacenter/Campus
No expansion modules
2x 1GbE WAN ports, 2x 10GbE SFP WAN ports, 2x USB WAN
1U 19″ rackmount chassis
Internal PSU, 2TB SSD 
24Gbps throughput

immediately available
Delivery Time: approx. 48 hours
GTIN: b6ee38fef808

The SDX Pro also supports the optional SIM injector, which enables connection to an additional eight mobile providers. This mitigates vulnerabilities in cellular coverage and ensures consistent connectivity. If your deployment crosses national borders, you can also use the SIM injector to load multiple SIM cards, avoiding roaming charges.


Fanless design

Suitable for high particle environments where other fan-based routers would not withstand.

Power your IP phones, cameras and access points.

Robust metal housing

Out of the box, the router supports Gigabit LTE.

It has a replaceable cellular module for future technologies. So if you need to upgrade to 5G, you can simply replace your old module with a new one.

Additionally, the HD4 MBX is capable of 2.5 Gbps throughput, giving you enough bandwidth for Gigabit Ethernet, 5G or future cellular technologies.

SpeedFusion allows users to combine any number of connections into a point-to-point connection to achieve what others cannot:

High-end connectivity


Combine the bandwidth of multiple mobile connections into one ultra-fast data connection. Accomplish bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive tasks without a landline.


Hot Failover maintains secure tunnels across all available WAN links to keep the network running if a link fails. Should a WAN connection fail, SpeedFusion immediately routes traffic to a functioning tunnel for uninterrupted VoIP sessions.

CARRIER Independent

SpeedFusion is carrier independent and the Products are certified for multiple carriers. By combining the supply network of various mobile operators, the likelihood of running into a blind spot or network overload is minimized.


With the help of WAN smoothing, network traffic is assigned to the WAN connection with the lowest latency. Use multiple WAN connections to create a single, jitter-free data stream.


Built-in SSD hard drive


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