MAX BR1 Pro 5G


1x 5G modem (global) with redundant SIM slots
1x Ethernet WAN (can function as a LAN port if required)
2×2 MIMO Simultaneous Dual Band, Wi-Fi 6
1Gbps router throughput
Complete antenna set
US wireless carrier certifications: T-Mobile specification

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Prime Care

PrimeCare includes InControl 2, standard RMA warranty, technical support, FusionHub license and SpeedFusion PrimeCare connection. One year of standard PrimeCare is included. Purchase of all PrimeCare devices (SKU with -PRM). PrimeCare+ includes extended RMA for hardware replacement, 24/7 technical support, and all other standard PrimeCare features.

PrimeCare C (1-Year) 149,00 
PrimeCare C (2-Year) 298,00 
PrimeCare C (4-Year) 596,00 
PrimeCare+ C (1-Year) 179,00 
PrimeCare+ C (2-Year) 304,00 
PrimeCare+ C (4-Year) 501,00 


Mobility 42G 269,00 
Mobility 82G 699,00 

SIM 5G tariff

SIM T-Mobile unlimited Nano 99,00 
SIM O2 unlimited Nano 99,00 
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The Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G is a mobile 5G router specifically designed for professional applications. With a modern Qualcomm 1TP17 processor and numerous advanced features, the router offers an extremely powerful connection with unsurpassed availability. It is compatible with the latest 5G networks, significantly increasing mobile data speeds.

The Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G has multiple ports for WAN connection, including 5G, 4G LTE, Ethernet, Broadband and Wi-Fi, allowing to ensure a constant connection anytime, anywhere. It is also equipped with advanced VPN technology that enables safe and secure remote access to the network. The router is also equipped with other features such as dual SIM failover, redundant WAN connections, load balancing and central management


Product series

5G adapter

Do you need a simple 5G adapter? Add a 5G WAN to any existing router or firewall without having to replace any of your devices.

  • 5G router/gateway

    Why stop here? It can also serve as a powerful 5G router for your network. Whether it's C-Band or LTE, you can easily add cellular connectivity to your network.

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