Best in CLASS WI-FI Solution

Everest Networks offers best-in-class WiFi solutions based on the Everest Management Cloud for high-performance High Density (AP), ideal for sports and entertainment venues with very high user density (HD). Our versatile APs are perfect for different sized venues, offering a variety of deployment solutions ranging from building structure and catwalk installations to indoor or outdoor under-seat installations, permanent or temporary.

Simple, fast, but above all efficient. Deployed in Tier 1 stadiums, arenas, racetracks and outdoor festivals, Everest solutions offer higher network capacity, faster throughput and far lower total cost of ownership than the already rare competitors in this specific environment.

The Everest Wi-Fi platform offers a leading, very high-density proprietary antenna radio architecture that integrates multiple radio modules, as well as software-defined radio coverage for intelligent and highly efficient management of radio resources.

In conjunction with this, Everest Networks' Wi-Fi networks are managed with WMS, a full-featured controller or wireless management system designed for speed, simplicity and efficiency.

Current stadium WiFi solutions do not adequately meet the high density capacity and low TCO requirements in stadiums and arenas. Everest Networks has developed a true WLAN solution for the above 1TP17 problems to ensure extremely high capacity and coverage at a low total cost of ownership.

Our stadium WIFI solutions leverage Everest's WiFi platform, designed and built from the ground up to meet the needs of today's large venues. This platform consists of patented access points with proprietary software-defined radio coverage that provides an unprecedented level of coverage flexibility.

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Venues today, both small and large, need to provide extremely robust Wi-Fi connectivity for attendees to not only enhance their experience, but also keep their fans engaged and entertained for the duration of the event. Enabling such an endeavor in these extremely technically challenging environments requires a Wi-Fi solution that simultaneously provides capacity and coverage throughout the venue with a low total cost of ownership. Everest Networks offers a true high-class WiFi solution that is tailored from the ground up to meet these exact challenges, providing large venues with the networks of the future.

“The performance of Lincoln Financial Field's Wi-Fi network has been enhanced in a major way thanks to Everest Networks' wireless technology. On a night when we expected high WiFi usage, the network handled the traffic without any issues and performed very well. Everest’s aerially mounted, multi-radio APs allowed us to deploy only five gigahertz in the bowl with fewer APs than what would be possible with conventional wireless products, which is proving to be a successful formula.”

John Pawling

Philadelphia Eagles Vice President of Information Technology

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